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Grease Traps & Accessories

Grease traps are indispensable plumbing devices used in commercial kitchens and food service establishments to effectively manage and control the buildup of grease, oils, and fats in wastewater. These traps play a vital role in preventing clogs, blockages, and potential damage to plumbing systems. The primary function of a grease trap is to capture and separate grease, oils, and fats from the wastewater before it enters the drainage system. This process allows the wastewater to flow freely, while the trapped grease is contained within the trap. Grease traps typically consist of a tank-like structure with two compartments: an inlet where wastewater enters and a outlet where clarified water exits. The grease, being lighter than water, floats to the top and is trapped within the first compartment, while the clarified water flows into the second compartment and eventually drains out. By effectively trapping grease, grease traps help prevent the accumulation of these substances in drainage pipes, reducing the risk of blockages and backups. This not only ensures smooth wastewater flow but also prevents costly repairs and maintenance associated with plumbing issues. Regular maintenance and cleaning of grease traps are essential to maintain their efficiency. Grease trap accessories such as solids strainers and automatic grease removal systems can also be utilised to enhance the performance and longevity of the traps. Solids strainers capture solid particles and debris, preventing them from entering the trap, while automatic grease removal systems use advanced mechanisms to separate and remove grease automatically, streamlining the maintenance process.
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